Monday, August 02, 2010

Redemption - Liar (Wiz)

Redemption - Liar

Aha! A commercial game for the Wiz; how very interesting and promising. Redemption - Liar, you see, is what I believe to be the first non-indie release for the console and definitely the first one gamers can buy on a proper cart. Well, okay, a proper SD card that is. Now, as I haven't played the game myself just yet, I can't really comment on its quality, but I have to admit it looks interesting. Sounds good on paper too.

Redemption - Liar is an action RPG that seems to be rather deep and offer a lot of content. Graphics and music seem decent (here's a rather bad but enlightening gameplay video) and according to them Play Asia customer reviews the game is good. It even comes wth five arcade games on the card throw in. Oh, and you can find out more and of course grab yourselves a copy of the game here.

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