Monday, August 16, 2010

The Game & Watch remakes

Donkey Kong Jr Game & Watch

It's been quite sometime since I started enjoying those old Game & Watch LCD handhelds by Nintendo, and I must admit to being absolutely startled at the sheer playability and addictiveness of those rather ancient handhelds. Though I could suggest you have a look over at eBay in order to grab a couple, I'm quite aware of their, well, rather inflated prices, and this is the reason why I will suggest you visit Handheld Remakes instead. 

There, you will find excellent simulated versions of some of the best Game & Watch games, that -though not particularly portable- have lost nothing in the translation. What's more, those remakes are far from restricted to Nintendo's early games. You'll find a ton of Mattel, Bandai, Tiger etc stuff to help you waste your time in a most pleasant way. Enjoy.

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