Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amazon Kindle gets playful

I've been this close to grabbing a Kindle e-reader by Amazon for quite some time now, but finally it's been decided! I'll be getting a Wi-Fi one as soon as possible and will very soon be enjoying a ton of digital books on the closest thing to paper a screen can come up with. Possibly on the beach. As an added bonus, I guess I'll be gaming on my little portable device too, as Amazon has already started providing the Kindle with games.

They might just be relatively simple puzzle, card and word games for now, but Crosswords, Backgammon, Remove-A-Pair Solitaire, Mathdoku, Sudoku and the rest are a good start. And I can really feel it in my bones, that they will soon be accompanied by some excellent interactive fiction (you know, text adventures) soon. Possibly even some ports of Infocom and Level 9 games too, or at least the emulators needed. 


  1. Oh wow, now that's an announcement! I guess these Amazon Ads finally paid off, eh?

    Seriously though, good stuff. I won't be getting Kindle anytime soon, it is a little too expensive for my taste, but

  2. ...but damn, Google ate my comment? (O.o) WTF?

    Still, if I start travelling again or working around the globe, I will definitely get one (or other ebook reader, perhaps by Sony), because my thousands of books are a little too heavy to take away with me.

  3. Besides, a nice e-ink reader will not be the place for proper books. I guess it will only serve to replace paperbacks. At least for me. And I must admit the Wi-Fi model isn't that expensive. Not compared to a console or iPad.

    Might also have a look at Nook (or something like that)

  4. "Wi-Fi model isn't that expensive."

    In Poland it costs something like 200EUR. :/

  5. Also, I am worried about converting books to Kindle format - in a sense that I might download a PDF of a book that I own and Kindle will say "oh no, you have not bought it via, no, no, you can't read it".

    Also this.

  6. Well, it's not cheap either, but via Amazon (when they get one) it seems more reasonable :)

    As for the fact that it's a closed format, I must admit this bothers me too. A friend though told me it can be easily cracked. Especially the Wi Fi one. Still, before deciding, I will have a look at

    Seems interesting, doesn't it?