Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zaku for the Atari Lynx

So, it seems the Atari Lynx refuses to actually die, eh? Take that Game Gear! I mean, look at what Super Fighter Team have managed to produce: Zaku, an utterly impressive shmup, properly boxed in a traditional-looking Lynx package complete with full colour manual, and coming on an authentic Lynx cartridge. As for the game itself, it looks and sounds ages ahead of what you thought Atari's handheld was capable of, plays a bit like Air Zonk, and has this rather exciting trailer to let you know what it's all about:

Now, while I'm waiting for my copy and you're waiting (hopefully) for my review of Zaku, why not have a look at the game's official site? You can even order yourselves a copy you know...

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