Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gaming on the Go is back!

After reviving Gnome's Lair and Retro Treasures, and since I've already started my refreshing new Walls of Gaming blog, well, the time has come for me to return to our beloved Gaming on the Go. Not, that my dear comrades Father K and Nebachadnezzar would have ever let it wither away, what with their constant supply of new and excellent portable gaming content, but I really felt I had to come back and once again blog on the joys of handheld gaming.

So, uhm, welcome back me, and do expect constant updates, a slight freshening up of the blog itself and -that's a novelty- coverage for iPhone and iPod games, as well as for those lovely Linux-based handhelds. Oh, yes, and a lot of retro stuff too. Not, that the DS or the PSP are going to be left behind mind...

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