Monday, January 25, 2010

A GP2X Wiz for GGotG

gp2x wizWell, it should have been obvious ages ago... I wouldn't be able to hold myself for much longer and that's why I'm finally the proud owner of GamePark's latest open source handheld: the brilliant GP2X Wiz I got from Play-Asia. And, yes, it is the best handheld I ever had. Well, ok, second only to the Lynx. Then again it can emulate the Lynx. And the GBA. And the SNES. And even the Amiga and the Neo Geo, as this little console is built for emulators. Modern games too, of course, as it apparently is more powerful than the PSP and offers an incredibly bright touch screen too.

So, expect a rather thorough review soon, though I suggest you don't wait that much. Simply get yourselves a GP2X Wiz via Play-Asia and experience the joys of open source gaming on the go. Oh, and you can find more about it over at its official site.

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