Monday, January 19, 2009

From the Abyss to the DS

From the Abyss DS RPGIf hacking and slashing your way though randomly generated levels while waiting for the bus is your idea of fun, well, I'm pretty sure that From the Abyss is the RPG for you and your dear DS. Have a look. The thing even sports a co-op mode you know.


  1. I noticed it when it came out, and the metacritic score (62) was discouraging. Yet, the RPGfan review is persuasive that in spite of the game's problems, it is a fun RPG.

    I'm working through Chrono Trigger currently, when I have the time.

    But I think this is an interesting topic--can average games still be worth playing? I have thoroughly enjoyed games that professional reviewers have rated as average.

  2. Me too. And that's not a coincidence. Professional reviewers you see are most definitely not the most tasteful people around. There are quite a few shining exceptions, but, well, not the majority... Anyway. Average games have provided me with quite a few hours of fun.

  3. ooh, I would prob play this!