Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2Say hi to the latest portable reading device that isn't a book: Kindle 2 by Amazon. A wireless, small, shiny and particularly good looking little gadget with an impressive paper like screen, that can hold up over 1500 books, allows you to actually read in the dark (or while camping in the wilderness, I guess) and will even read for you via its Text to Speech feature. Over 230,000 books have already been made available for the thing and the new Kindle 2 can be pre-ordered here. It will ship later this month, mind.


  1. I know some people that have them ordered... but I'm waiting for the next version that has a lot of ram and that huge graphics card.. :)

  2. A cunningly formulated plan that, dear Deitrix. I'm momentarily sticking to my Pocket PC.

  3. For my wife's birthday, I bought her the Sony eReader which is much easier to buy than the Kindle. But also, I thought the eReader's openness to formats and its physical size was preferrable to the Kindle. But both are good products if you read a lot because of the easy access, the readability, and capacity for many books.

    I have to say, though, I was disappointed with the new Sony eReader 700 and the Kindle 2 because they didn't really significantly change the product but addressed some complaints.

  4. Most enlightening my friend! Didn't really know the Sony eReader existed...