Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The TouchArcade App

The biggest and most probably best iOS gaming site, TouchArcade, has finally unveiled its free-to-grab TouchArcade App. The app features reviews, news, access to the forums and even a particularly handy watch list.


  1. 8) now your just showing off! but in a very good way... this is probably the best iOs game site app I could....

    oh you've already ready said that...

    ..well I see it's also got a very handy watch li...

    ahem.. sorry! I'll just head off now and enjoy it... thank you!! :)

  2. No, thank you for the lovely pots.

    Look they've got iFlowers in them! Awwww...

  3. That would be better if the games were free.

  4. Indeed, free is always better, but devs have to make a living too :)

  5. (from a distance...)

    I'll be back for me pots, just look out for the iWeevils, iWorms and iAphids as well....

    oh and potential iLeptospirosis!!!