Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pandemic 2.5 iOS

A universal iOS app that let's you eradicate the global population is, well, universally nasty. Also quite brilliant in a misanthropic and very addictive way. To create your all-conquering virus all you need to do is spend $0.99 and grab Pandemic.


  1. Pandemic for just 79c..heee heee...

    Wait!.. you've got no tweet button...

    (puts hands on hips)

    Alright! just what exactly is going on here!?

  2. I think the maintenance team went on strike. They were demanding something called humane wages. Go figure...

  3. tut.. bloody workers! moan moan moan, they should be lucky to have a place to go to every day...

    Still I've managed to retweet this witout the buttons, looks like we've no need for a maintenance team..

    :) As my dear friend mr.Romney said "I just love sacking people"

  4. Yes, it definitely make for fine days.

    (slaps Alf)

  5. Alf!!!? 80 what are you doing here?

    (Slaps Alf...)

    Back to work, Now...!!

  6. Joe the Blogger Security Guy5/10/2012 12:22 PM

    (unholsters lethal looking handgun, and in defence aims it at our heroes....)

    Okay punks....Freeze!!!

    Now which one of ye slapped me when my back was turned???

  7. Oh oh.... gulp! :(

    (points to Gnome...)