Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sudden, Massive, Shocking: The 3DS Price-Cut

The Nintendo 3DS never managed to excite me and experience shows that is not a good sign for any console. At least usually not. Not surprisingly then, the performance of Nintendo's latest handheld has so far been less than stellar what with the lack of truly impressive and innovative games, the high price of both the console and its cartridges, the sub-par design of the machine itself, the gimmicky nature of 3D and -above all- the meteoric rise of the iOS and Android gaming platforms. Apparently though Nintendo wont accept defeat just yet.

Following the release of the excellent Ocarina of Time and the opening of the 3DS e-store, Nintendo decided to truly slash the price of the 3DS. According to Joystiq Nintendo of America will, as of August 12, drop the console's price from $250 to the a vastly more affordable $170, whereas according to Eurogamer European gamers will also benefit from an impressive price drop by around a third of the current price-tag. What's more, pioneering souls that bought their 3DS at its original price will be getting 20 (!) free games via the 3DS eShop, provided they connect their machines to said eshop before the 12th of August.

Will this help turn the fate of the 3DS around? Well, only time can tell, but I sure like the sound of such moves and this can't be a bad thing.


  1. Nintendo really really dropped the ball on this one. 3D is not taking off as well as hoped in general, the system has a history of supposedly destroying the eyes of kids under 6, the price tag is ridiculously high.

    Nintendo has made it's buck lately appealing to a more frugal more casual, more mainstream audience. This audience has it's Wiis and it's DSes. the problem is, mainstream people are not going to shell out 300 bucks for a 3D upgraded DS.

  2. You are indeed correct dear Josh. Nintendo dropped the ball badly and I really can't see how the 3DS -lower priced or not- can hope to compete with iOS devices...

  3. Heard on NPR this morning that Nintendo has had their first quarterly loss EVER, and this cut comes as a result.

  4. A loos you say? Wow, now *that* is really shocking dear Charlie. Never imagined...