Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inheritance for the Kindle

I frankly haven't tried Inheritance just yet, but I definitely intend to both play it and -eventually- provide you with a review of the thing. Inheritance, you see, labels itself as "a new kind of text adventure" and can be played on the Kindle; the device whose audience is bound to love interactive fiction. The game itself costs a mere 1$ (for the time, that is; the price will be raised after the 25th of July) and sports an interesting-sounding interface, where no real typing is required - verbs, actions and objects can be selected from a list.

As for the plot and setting, well, they might not be the most original ever, but they could definitely work:
In the game, you play a character whose crazy uncle Osmo passed away recently, leaving you everything. But there's a catch. He has turned his house into a series of crazy challenges that you'll have to overcome if you want to see a dime! What is the deal with that elevator? How do you get past the tiger? And most important of all, where can a person find a decent pair of sneakers?
You can find out more about Inheritance and grab a copy over at Amazon.

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