Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NetHack HD for free (iPad)

If we consider the iPad a portable device -and up to a point we really should- then I can't help but proclaim NetHack HD the best portable version of classic dungeon-crawler NetHack ever. It comes complete with a lovely interface, some of the best NetHack graphics ever and, as always, a ton of stuff to kill and an infinite number of dungeons to explore. It is of course a freeware game and you can grab it via the App Store. CRPG and rogue-like addicts shouldn't miss it.


  1. Nethack is one of my "benchmark games" in that I try to make it run on everything. I don't always play it much.

    The other game I apply this rule to is Doom.

  2. A very wise course of action indeed. Mind you, I do love each and every rogue-like...