Friday, April 08, 2011

ChuChu Rocket! iOS for free

Apparently it's free for today only, meaning that gamers that haven't bought Sega's ported Dreamcast classic should immediately do so. Just follow the link and grab ChuChu Rocket! for your iPhone, iPod or even iPad. Mind you, it's not the best conversion possible as Sega has apparently been its recent lazy self, but it remains an immensely fun, fast-paced and great looking puzzle game. Oh, and it happily supports multiplayer too. 


  1. Oh man, this game was a very large reason for my buying a Dreamcast int he first place. Hell I'm pretty sure I bought it BEFORE I bought the system because it was on sale for like $5.

  2. A particularly wise choice that Josh; quite a bargain too. ChuChu Rokcet! remains a fantastic game, mind and one of the first to play everytime I plug my DC in.

  3. One of the best games on the Dreamcast with an addictive puzzle mode and frantically fun battle mode. The only problem is the lack of multiplayer.