Monday, July 12, 2010

A short Zaku (Lynx) review

ZakuAs already mentioned on this blog Zaku is the latest game to hit the Atari Lynx, and also happens to be the best game ever released after the console's commercial demise. What's more, it also is the best shoot-'em-up ever released for the console and a game all of you dear Atari Lynx owners have to buy. Really. Provided you care for quality Lynx releases in this day and age. 

As to why you should buy Zaku, well, for starters, the production values of the game's box are simply amazing, what with the proper cartridge and full-colour manual. One more reason can be found on the video below:

You can see how impressive those graphics are, can't you? And, please, do notice the impressive parallax scrolling and glorious sprites. Gameplay-wise, worry not. This is a rich and varied shmup that sports quite a few innovations, many bosses, five levels and the flair of Air Zonk.

You can purchase your copy of Zaku via its official site.

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