Friday, July 02, 2010

ScanMobile for the iPhone

I know this is supposed to be a gaming blog, but I really couldn't ignore the amazing iPhone app that is Scanmobile. It actually gives me a valid reason to own Apple's phone thingy, as it's one little tool I can really -really- use. Scanmobile, you see, let's you copy and share documents using the iPhone's camera in a most impressive way, that does remind me a bit of those complicated photogrammetry classes back from my undergraduate days. Have a look at its official site and grab it via the App Store.

Here's the official word on the thing:

The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to copy & share your documents using your camera phone, turning it into a portable scanner machine!

…now available on the App Store

If you ever were requested to send or digitally archive legal documents, bills or receipts and you were troubled [or just plain bored!] finding and using a fax machine or a flatbed scanner

If you ever tried to capture text or notes from a paper or board with your camera phone, you were surely disappointed with the quality: the pictured looked “dirty”, full of imperfections, geometrically distorted, difficult to read and even worse to print.

All these are changed by the Scanmobile technology. Using smart optical transformation it makes your mobile photo picture look as crisped and readable as you dreamed it when you took the picture; probably better than the original. How is this possible?

· All shades or unwanted light reflections are automatically removed

· Geometry is corrected so that the document appears flat as if scanned in a flatbed scanner

· Texture of lines are made more vivid and sharp

· Digital noise is cleaned making the document pleasant to read

· PDF document is prepared and ready to send as e-mail through the app

· A folder hierarchy is provided for archiving purposes

· All processing takes place on your phone, no third party gaining access to your documents

It’s usage is easy and intuitive:

· Launch the Scanmobile app

· Use your smartphone to take a picture, or select one already shot. If you want to capture a large area (like an extended board) take the picture from an angle to get it all in the frame; don’t worry: Scanmobile will automatically bring it to proper shape

· Adjust your page boundaries

· Process your document in seconds

· And you’re ready to send as a PDF attachment, or save it as a picture for archiving and future reference

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