Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zenobi Adventure Freebies for Android

Zenobi, the brilliant developer and publisher of indie text adventures for the ZX Spectrum (also for the Atari ST and of some graphical adventures), and the mighty Balrog that still runs the whole show have gone and published three lovely, freeware text adventures for your Android device:
- Behind Closed Doors 5 (direct .apk d/l)
- Behind Closed Doors 6 (direct .apk d/l)
- Bulbo's Unexpected Journey (direct .apk d/l)
You can download each of those humorous, satirical-fantasy romps either from the links provided above or from Zenobi Games. The games are still in beta and run fine, though coming in .apk format, you'll have to manually install them.

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