Monday, October 15, 2012


Michael Brough's O. for the iPad is a fantastic game. A game that lets you get physical with your iPad and your opponent and one of the most enjoyable two-player offerings since Sensible Soccer. So, uhm, grab it, will you?

Also a rare game that can even be described like this:

Pirouette your fingers across the board, grabbing balls in one colour to keep your chain going while disrupting your opponent’s efforts. Your hands collide as you reach for the same ball and you roar with rage as they hog all the pink ones! Rack up points by sticking to one colour: the more you get in a row the more they're worth.


  1. ....Deja Vu!


    (frantically turns his jacket inside out, throws salt on the floor and then jumps over a broomstick) got a broomstick!?

    1. Nope, but I do have a boomstick signed by Bruce Campbell.

      And a boxed copy of Deja Vu too...