Friday, August 31, 2012

Super Hexagon Launches on September 6

Terry Cavanagh's frantic Super Hexagon is apparently finished and will be made available on the App Store on Thursday the 6th of September. Buying it during its launch week for a discounted $0.99 will apparently get you a psychedelic and utterly brutal arcade game for either your iPad or iPhone. A game I for one can't wait to play.

Here's what Terry has to say:
I’m really proud of this game – although I’ve only been working on it for about four months, it feels like I’ve been subconsciously working on it much, much longer than that… There’s this particular strand of action game that I keep coming back to, that I always seem to do at jams – games like Self Destruct, or Bullet Time, or memrrtiks, or even the Super Gravitron from VVVVVV – they all come from the same place – something instinctive – to me, it feels like they’re all getting at the same thing.

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