Monday, February 20, 2012

The Double Fine Adventure

Chances are you've probably heard of Double Fine's adventure game by now. Oh, come on... It's a huge Kickstarter success, a 2D adventure game that will be designed by Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert and, most probably, the game of the decade. Hmmm... alright. Just watch the video above and all will be clear. See?

Importantly, the game will also be appearing on iOS and Android too. 


  1. So good to see these legends get the recognition they deserve and the funding they need. Definately looking forward to this, whatever it is :)

    In other news, my and my friends have just released a teaser trailer for our upcoming point n click game The Journey Down.

    You can follow the development on and on twitter #journeydown

    Check out the teaser trailer here:

    I hope you'll like it and sorry for spamming :D


  2. You can't be spamming when you are talking about Journey Down :) Mind you, a mobile version of the game would indeed be brilliant.