Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Text Adventures for the Road

Following the post on interactive fiction player Twisty for Android, Kristian Still and Stadtgorilla let me know of more text adventure related goodies and, well, I thought I really should pass those tips on to you lovely readers. There's two of them, you know. No, wait, there's three!

So, better start off with the new interactive fiction interpreter: Hunky Punk. It is apparently and according to Stadtgorilla more stable than Twisty, supports covers and metadata, likes connecting itself to the IFDB and is obviously free to grab. It also is available on the Android Market.

Following this, both Android and iOS gamers should grab the freeware and pretty excellent The Things That Go Bump In The Night. It's a polished text adventure by Tim Hamilton that sports a fantastic and pretty intuitive touch-based interface, auto-saves, a choice of fonts and a particularly engrossing plot. And it's not too difficult either. Download it via the App Store or the Android Market.

Finally and as The Things That Go Bump In The Night has been created with it, I simply have to point the more creative among us towards the pretty amazing Quest. It is, after all, an excellent and happily free to grab interactive fiction authoring tool that impressively also let's you publish on Android and iPhone! Think I might actually be using it very soon. 

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