Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spectaculator iOS

Spectaculator, the best ZX Spectrum emulator on the PC for quite some time now, has finally been ported to iOS and is now available via Apple's App Store. For less than 2 pounds you can now have a full emulator on your phone, complete with some excellent 8-bit games, a built-in hint system, fully working BASIC and a ton of most impressive features. To grab it, follow this oh-so-aptly named link: Spectaculator iOS; the app runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Oh, and you can enter POKES too!

As for them bundled games, they include (among others of course) classic 3D space-shooter 3D Starstrike, Tau Ceti, Dynamite Dan and a selection of Jonathan Cauldwell's more impressive offerings. You might also want to take a look at the Spectaculator official site.


  1. Nice one Gnome but at the moment I think the ZX Nostalgia emulator has the edge ... and it is a lot cheaper.

  2. Coming from you dear Balrog, I'll just have to trust you!