Monday, January 10, 2011

Deadly Eye Wiz

Time for another freebie for you dear open-source Wiz: Deadly Eye. It's a rather traditional and definitely frenetic shoot-'em-up, that sports lovely 16-bit era graphics and a ton of power-ups. Oh, and when I say frenetic, I do mean frenetic.


  1. Oh! just a little google and i found your blog.
    I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game (and i hope you still enjoy).
    Really, thanks!!

    Noivern, developer of Deadly Eye :)

  2. Why, cheers! And thanks for a lovely shooter too!

  3. =)
    I hope the framerate is good, because i did the compatibility for wiz/caanoo after the whole engine was built and aimed to windows and linux users.
    Don't you test it before, you may ask? ajja ofcourse, but not by myself: i don't have any of those portable systems, so i did the compatibility just with feedback from some dudes at the developer's forum. That's why i'm very glad to found people who is enjoying this minigame :D


    PD: can you beat the damn overpowered eye? xD

  4. It does run really well. At least on my Wiz. Oh, and no. I can't. Not yet.

  5. Nice!.
    I'm now waiting feedback in order to give support for an extra gamepad for 2 players gameplay in the portable systems via usb host. I have to add very few things more to finish, but those summer days (here :P) are so hot, the sun strikes heavyly and it makes me be so lazy xD