Friday, June 25, 2010

Could it be? A Seaman for the 3DS?

Seaman 3dsWell, according to this post the incredibly quirky Dreamcast born Seaman might just make it to Nintendo's 3DS. This means you can have a talking, python-esque fish with a man's head ignore you in full 3D and on the go. Could be really great methinks. Find out more about the original DC Seaman here.


  1. What. The. Frack.

    Ah, it was made in Japan, that explains a lot.

  2. It would be reason enough to grab a 3DS I believe...

  3. I remember having this on the DC..
    I would love to see this on the 3DS or any of the consoles out now...

  4. I'm pretty sure it will do great on the 3DS. But, really, will it sport a microphone?