Monday, May 03, 2010

Interactive fiction on the iDevices

Interactive fiction or text adventures, that brilliant genre that spawned the point-and-click adventure and is still going strong (and freeware) today, can now be effortlessly enjoyed on those minimalist Apple devices. All you have to do is grab Frotz, the freeware app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Clicky, clicky and play some of the smartest games ever created.


  1. For those with Android phones, there's an app called Twisty ( you can download from free from the Android Market. It's even more sparse than Frotz. You can't change the font style or size, and there are no options. You load up the adventure and play. Use the "save" and "load" commands.

    They have a 2.0 version that they recently uploaded, but it's a buggy alpha version. The font and display are much improved, and they have an option for settings though nothing is yet available.

  2. Now, fear guttertalk, that's really interesting. After all I'm far more interested in Android than in any of the iDevices.