Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amiga emulation on the Wiz

We all know that the Wiz is a rather amazing little console and we all know it's excellent for emulating retro gaming machines. What's more, all those that have read my Wiz review should also know that it manages to effortlessly emulate the pretty tricky Commodore Amiga and provide some excellent 16-bit classic gaming on the go. The emulator for the job is of course none other than the Wiz optimized version of UAE; the aptly named UAE4ALL, which you can grab here. For free.

UAE4ALL is a pretty strong emulator that manages to play the huge majority of Amiga games I tried, supports multiple drives, emulates a mouse and joystick and even offers the option of a rather handy virtual keyboard. It is also quite simple to use, though this pretty amazing starter guide should help anyone get it running (perfectly) in no time. What's more you can check a pretty extensive compatibility list and find out that, yes, you can easily play both Agony and Sensible Soccer on your little handheld.

Oh, and to help you get started with your Amiga gaming, let me point out that you can easily download some free games from the Hall of Light, Llamasoft, Factor 5 and Cinemaware. You can even take an Elite space tour.


  1. A screenshot or two plus some personal impressions on how fluid this is and whether additional tinkering is needed to get it games running full speed (or close to) would be nice, but other than that it's great that there is better option to play Amiga games on the go than PSP.


  2. Well, a screenshot would be quite difficult right now, but I can assure you the quality of the emulation is brilliant. I tries SWOS, Speedball II, Shadow of the Beast, Agony, R-Type and It Came from the Desert and they all played fast, fluidly and with no sound problems. Only problem is that some games take ages to load and some don't do at all. As for the tinkering needed, there is none. Everything I've tried ran off the box.