Monday, February 08, 2010

ZX Spectrum emulator for the iPhone

Classic ZX Spectrum adWell, we all know the iPhone has a ton of available games for it, and that some of them are even rather good, but we all have to admit that nothing can be compared to the thrills provided by Manic Miner. That's why iPhone owners should be excited to find out about iXpectrum. It's a freeware Spectrum emulator you can grab -complete with a Jonathan Cauldwell game- here. You can of course download thousands more of free classic games for it over at the excellent World of Spectrum.

Now, mostly to make sure you actually get excited, what follows is a video demonstration of the thing, co-incidentally showing off just what the iPhone can do in terms of emulation. Quite impressive really and iXpectrum seems to sport some decent virtual buttons too. Have a look:

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